Hello World!

Karen and I have been blessed. No question about it. Between us we have two husbands (one each), seven children (Karen 3, Sig 4) two sons-in-law (one each), two goats (Karen’s), and one grand-baby on the way (also Karen’s).

In the 25+ years that we’ve known each other we have prayed each other through at least nine moves, various career changes, financial episodes, the weddings of children, the education of children, medical issues, church concerns and just about anything that came our way.

Along the way we also realized that we have been abundantly blessed – in faith, heritage, family and friendship. This blog is an attempt to ensure that the blessings we experience are recognized (thanks God!) and reported (giving God the credit for the blessings). We know that when we search for blessings we will find more than we realized.

We invite our viewers to leave us their blessing-sightings and experiences. Who knows how many are actually out there?