– A Combination Sig/Karen Blessing

It’s a musical memory day. Karen’s sent me a note to report that “I am eating pumpkin (half squash) pie with whipping cream, both of which are nearing their expiry dates, and listening to Musica Imtima perform “O Magnum Mysterium.”  I doubt if it’s ever been done better (the pie’s good too). Very mysterium.”

I am picturing her all snug in front of the fireplace,  with the perfectly blended, soul softening voices of Music Intima hovering around her while the snow is piling up outside. I checked with Environment Canada and the forecast for her part of the country is -19, (but feels like -26 with the wind chill) with periods of snow until the morning.

On days like this I feel blessed to have been paroled from prairie winters (as Karen reminded me in her Christmas card). I served a 20 year sentence and I’m still not sure what I did wrong. Karen appears to be in for life. I’m glad she has leftover pie and beautiful, mystical music to keep her company. She will also have her Bible nearby and she will feel conspicuously blessed.