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– A Sig Blessing

I can’t believe how long it’s been since we’ve posted a blessing.  It’s not like we haven’t been blessed, in fact, there have been so many blessings pouring in that we have been busy dealing with them.  We have been:

  • Taking time to enjoy to blessings (otherwise they would be squandered, right? I wouldn’t want to be accused of squandering a blessing)
  • Assisting others in experiencing blessings
  • Managing the details around the blessings (in some cases blessings need organization)
  • Resting up from experiencing such blessings (they can wear you out).

Some of the blessings I’ve been saving up for posts are:

  • Update on Heidi (this one had her vibrating with excitement)
  • Springtime in Vancouver (magnificent)
  • The Gift of Parents (mine in particular)
  • Finding Old Friends  (what’s 30 years…)
  • The Art of Being Together

I will start with the biggest distraction to ever hit Vancouver – The Games. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with the Olympics. After all that had been said about the thousands of visitors, security zones, road closures and general traffic mayhem, I seriously considered hiding under my desk until it was all over.

That thought evaporated when we watched the Opening Ceremonies on TV.  Wow.What an amazing show.  I was truly proud of what Vancouver had done to welcome the world.

I had heard the phrase “welcoming the world” but couldn’t have imagined what that would actually be like.  It was sensational. The pride I felt as the athletes came into the stadium just kept growing throughout the next few weeks. It dawned on me somewhere along the way – perhaps with the torch relay to the lighting of the Cauldron, Canadians changed the way we viewed ourselves and how we are viewed by the rest of the world.  The pride kept growing.

Even though I was in the middle of a huge project at work, I found myself checking the medal standings, watching hockey even when no-one else was home and cheering on curlers.  Who knew it could all be so exciting? And emotional.

I went downtown to see some of the sights and feel the vibe everyone had been talking about.  Accompanying me were two young friends who came from Edmonton to have some kind of Olympic experience and my friend Jeanette who clearly knew her way around downtown better than I did.  Somehow Jeanette got us VIP passes to the Irish Pavilion which was full of singing and the occasional dancer. Everywhere I looked there were Canadian flags – painted on faces, pinned to coats, waving from cars and stretched over entire buildings.   Astonishing how cool it had become to be Canadian.

Even though I had resisted, I finally embraced the Olympic spirit before it slipped away.  This was a time to be proud, put on my new red mittens and sing O Canada – with a glowing heart.

And then I was given tickets to the Opening of the Paralympic Games.

But that’s another blessing.


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