– A Sig Blessing

(well, really something to ponder..)

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep but for some reason my soul felt a bit “disquieted” when I got to work this morning and so I picked up the Women’s Devotional Bible that I keep in my office. It (the Bible, not the office) was a gift from my husband’s Aunt Eleanor years ago.  I’ve been reading II Timothy and so I thought I’d pick up where I’d left off.  In between chapters I found this lovely prayer that flies in the face of most contemporary worship bands and services.

Prayer for Reverence

Enable me, O God, to collect and compose my thoughts before an immediate approach to thee in prayer.  May I be careful to have my mind in order when I take upon myself the honor to speak to the sovereign Lord of the universe, remembering that upon the temper of my soul depends, in very great measure, my success.

Thou art infinitely too great to be trifled with, too wise to be imposed on by a mock devotion and dost abhor a sacrifice without a heart.  Help me to entertain an habitual sense of thy perfection, as an admirable help against cold and formal performances.  Save me from engaging in rash and precipitate prayers and from abrupt breaking away to follow business or pleasure, as though I had never prayed. 


Susanna Wesley

I can hear you saying Amen from here.

Susanna Wesley has intrigued me for years.  To me she defined successful parenting.  In the middle of heartache and trouble in the household, she found time time to “discourse” with each of her children on a different night of the week,  two of whom changed English church history.  It would appear that prayer was her secret to parenting.

When my kids were young I was often to exhausted to string coherent words together that would form a prayer.  I do remember my most consistent prayer “Dear God, please undo anything that I may have messed up today”.

I believe God heard that prayer too.