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A Sig Blessing

Pretty much every Sunday morning 12 – 15 Blessings (yes, with a capital “B”) walk in my back door for breakfast. It’s a casual affair, usually some kind of fruit, sometimes yogurt and some kind of bread-type food.  I’ve learned that it’s important to have coffee ready but it’s even more important that we have something toast-able and that the toaster must be able to handle everything being stuffed into it. I don’t know why, but it is.

The Blessings are the young adults from my church who are out of high school, getting post-secondary education or launching themselves into a new career. It’s all very exciting to be a witness to these big decisions and events in their lives. Trust me; it’s worth the breakfast to be around them.

Besides breakfast, the other reason they come is to have some relevant, Bible-based discussion. During breakfast there is a lot of teasing, laughter and jostling for position at the toaster but then, whoever is leading gets their attention and the dialogue begins.  I go into the wings at this point, usually to my study down the hall. I figure this is their time and they don’t need my opinions.   I’ve had a chance to chat with each of them as arrive and I get caught up with them as we have maneuvered around each other in the kitchen.

Some people (okay, my mom), have said things like “I don’t know why (or how) you do it”. To which I have usually said “But it’s something I enjoy doing”. Really, why wouldn’t I do this? I am reminded every Sunday that there are young people who want to do good things. They are trying to live their faith in the real world and Sundays are a time to huddle, re-evaluate and encourage each other. When they do this, they are encouraging me too. It gives me hope for mankind when I hear them praying for each other, for our church and our country. These are our future leaders.

Two years ago, in the matter of months, three out of my four children left home. They all had valid reasons (marriage, education, jobs, moving to another city), however, the silence that followed was deafening. My Sunday morning Blessings help me stay connected to that generation and occasionally, offer computer/technology-related assistance.  Although this is a plus, they do know I love them for more than their expertise. And I know they love me for more than my toaster.

The new 4-slice model (a Christmas gift from the Blessings) that continues to be the centre of attention on Sunday mornings


– A Sig Blessing

Star of wonder, star of night

Star with royal beauty bright

Westward leading, still proceeding

Guide us to thy perfect light.

I have the privilege of working in a faith-based setting, which is a huge blessing. Although I have worked in the non profit sector for years, it has only been in the last 2 years that I have been able to integrate faith and work. As I mentioned…it’s a blessing to be there and see and celebrate God in new ways.On Wednesdays we host “Community Prayer” which could be described as an informal, sometimes spontaneous and a little unconventional worship time.  Although the organization was founded in a Catholic setting, we are inclusive, interfaith and ecumenical.

Today in Community Prayer we celebrated  Epiphany, commemorating the magi finding Christ. As often happens on such occasions, the whole story was portrayed in a skit and our three wise men were of different ages, ethnic backgrounds and variously “abled”.

My personal “epiphany” or blessing today was the reminder that:

Jesus came for everyone and He can work through anyone. You never know who will teach you something about God and where they will come from. The situation, the message and the messenger may be unexpected and surprising. But that’s how God likes to operate.  It’s pretty much what Christmas is about.

And just for fun – I found this wonderful clip of “We Three Kings”, in which the camels are the stars…

Hello World!

Karen and I have been blessed. No question about it. Between us we have two husbands (one each), seven children (Karen 3, Sig 4) two sons-in-law (one each), two goats (Karen’s), and one grand-baby on the way (also Karen’s).

In the 25+ years that we’ve known each other we have prayed each other through at least nine moves, various career changes, financial episodes, the weddings of children, the education of children, medical issues, church concerns and just about anything that came our way.

Along the way we also realized that we have been abundantly blessed – in faith, heritage, family and friendship. This blog is an attempt to ensure that the blessings we experience are recognized (thanks God!) and reported (giving God the credit for the blessings). We know that when we search for blessings we will find more than we realized.

We invite our viewers to leave us their blessing-sightings and experiences. Who knows how many are actually out there?

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