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– A Sig Blessing

It’s not a daily quiz (but that’s a good thing to call life in general). The Daily Examen¬† is a little bookmark that I picked up in the foyer of a friend’s church and it suggests that I consider 5 things at the end of every day:

1. Be aware that you are in the presence of God

– Thanks for being with me today God!

2. Review your day with gratitude

– I am particularly grateful for the young people I spoke with today who are putting their careers on hold to help others, prepared to give their money to help others, and care enough about God’s creation to be involved with the cause.

3. Pay attention to your emotions

I am tired – but hopeful.

4. Choose one thing from your day and pray about it

That those looking for jobs will be given what they need, that those looking for financial support to do good work will also find it.

5. Look toward tomorrow.

I wonder what you have in store for me tomorrow God…

Which reminds me of the hymn we sang in church last Sunday. About 100 years ago when I was a music student (at a College that no longer exists) I was asked to direct a choral arrangement of this for my practicum.¬† The words and tune have stayed with me and I remember where I directed this (a little rural church outside of Edmonton) the women who followed by direction (I was new to waving my arms around) and day by day…where I am now…


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