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– A Karen Blessing

Today we (Karen & co) were paroled.  We woke up–in the Southern Alberta chinook zone–to a temperature 30 degrees (count ’em) warmer than yesterday morning.  I like parole.

I was reading in a photography book, I think written by Freeman Patterson, though I can locate neither the book nor the author at present, and he said this about observation:

“Learn to use your eyes for more than just to keep from bumping into things.”

I think of that frequently, as I drive or just notice things, mostly created things.  This approach magnifies the blessings–of trees, covered with snow, the shadows made by the the sun glinting across fields (again, snow covered), the sun coming up, or going down.  Look, think, describe, use adjectives, if only for yourself.

God went to a lot of work to make a beautiful place for us to live in, and He likes it when we notice (of course, He wants us to notice more than just snow and trees, and that is beneficial in other ways).  He actually could have made a black and white world, without the option of color, or one with only the eight basic Crayola colors.  It’s a little extra that He thought was pretty good, and that we would enjoy as well.  Let’s do.

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