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– A Sig Blessing

Last weekend my husband and I took a rare weekend away together.  Since I work weekdays and he works every Sunday, this kind of opportunity doesn’t come along often. Somehow we were able to untangle ourselves from our usual responsibilities to spend a couple of days reading, relaxing and being with each other. After more than 30 years together, it’s a nice thing to do.

We headed to Harrison Hot Springs, a little resort area just east of Vancouver and checked into a quiet B & B that was tucked into the side of a mountain. We walked along the lake, read by the fireplace, talked, watched other people (which is one of my favourite activities) and enjoyed a couple of nice meals. Side note – if you’re ever in Harrison Hot Springs make sure you work up a good appetite for an authentic German meal at the Black Forest. Whatever you order make sure it comes with the spaetzle. Also pick up some flavoured honey at Papples Market.

Here’s as many blessings as I could count:

– The quiet

– The beauty of Saturday – bright blue skies and sunshine after a week of rain

– Laughter

– Talking and then not having to talk. Just being together.

-Shared memories

– The pleasure of reading

– Good food!

– The fireplace

– Crocuses (or something like it) spearing through the garden – can spring be far away?

– Safety in traveling

A lake to walk around

– Being able to walk

– No access to internet (too bad – guess I don’t have to check in)

– A waterfall running down between two properties near our B & B.

– Playing scrabble apple with my mom-in-law when we stopped at her place on our way home.

– The kids that managed without us.

For all the above and more – I am blessed.

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